Service Details

This list has been collected from the names listed on the Braidwood Cenotaph and information from the National Archives of Australia. Individuals included are:

  • Those who died and are listed on the Braidwood Cenotaph;
  • Those who enlisted and died (who are not listed on the Braidwood Cenotaph) or returned who were born (according to their enlistment papers) in Braidwood, Majors Creek, Araluen or Mongarlowe, and
  • Other individuals who may have been missed due to the omission of correct details or typos on the original Australian Imperial Force documentation which have been brought to our attention.

The list had been collected by hand and therefore is not infallible; if you should find a typo please advise us so it can be fixed.

When browsing this list the following should also be taken into consideration;

  • Place of Birth is based on the place noted on the individuals enlistment papers;
  • Enlistment papers may have may omissions or incorrect information, this is due to poor handwriting, rushed circumstances, hard to understand accents of some individuals, etc;
  • Not all individuals are listed correctly and therefore hours of research has already taken place, however there will always be more to be done so if you find something please advise us;
  • If you have personal information about an individual or photos and would like it included, please contact us;
  • Some individuals were not exactly truthful about their details; some were trying to get in under age and were making details up. There is one instance of a 14 year old enlisting as a 18 year old and saying he was born in Majors Creek, however he was born under another name in Sydney (we have checked with NSW Births, Death and Marriages), he is therefore not included;
  • If an individual is noted as NLA (Not Leaving Australia) there are a number of reasons, these included Medically Unfit (heart problems found during screening, eye problems), behaviour (they displayed behaviour during training that was not acceptable), they joined too late (the War was ending and their services were not required), deserters (those who went missing on purpose after enlisting, in which case a Warrant of Arrest was issued, these were cancelled after the War ended in 1919) or many other reasons, please check the full records at the National Archives web site;
  • All records have been taken from the National Archives of Australia web site and Records Search facility, which has digitised all WW1 records for your viewing.

List of acronyms

Place of Birth

Date of Enlistment

Date of Death

The code given instead or with a service number if the member was not enlisted or discharged prior to embarkation

Australian Imperial Forces

Return to Australia

Never left Australia