Service Listing

Surnamesort descending Given Names Service Number POB DOE DOD OnCent Notes Link
Tuesday, December 9, 2014 No view
Alley Clair Underwood 1128 Araluen 29/07/1916 No view
Alley Vivian Francis 245 Araluen Tuesday, May 12, 1914 RTA No view
Anderson William Frederick 2370 Braidwood Sunday, April 2, 1916 RTA No view
Anderson Harold Roy 4729 Braidwood Wednesday, November 10, 1915 RTA No view
Anthes Edward Charles 3406 Majors Creek RTA No view
Appleby Roy 2493 Jembaicumbene RTA No view
Appleby Leslie John 6875 Braidwood Saturday, July 8, 1916 RTA No view
Appleby Thomas James 3111 Braidwood Saturday, March 11, 1916 RTA No view
Arbuckle William 3253 (3258) Braidwood RTA No view
Archer Fred 4017 Majors Creek 10/08/1916 No view
Armstrong Walter Harold 2867 Braidwood Monday, October 1, 1917 RTA No view
Backhouse Victor John 4432 Braidwood Wednesday, September 8, 1915 19-20/07/1916 No view
Bailey George LUET 2777 Braidwood RTA No Also served in the Boar War view
Bain George Andrew Charles 1870B Braidwood Wednesday, August 2, 1916 RTA No view
Baker Ernest James 95194 Braidwood Thursday, October 10, 1918 NLA No view
Barlow Horace Harold Alfred 2125 Braidwood RTA No view
Barnett Frederick George Capt Araluen Friday, March 5, 1915 2/08/1918 No view
Barratt James 1615 Braidwood RTA No view
Barrett James Joseph 191 Braidwood Thursday, May 6, 1915 RTA No view
Barrett Michael William John 1242 Braidwood RTA No view
Barry Charles Louis 3688 Braidwood 22-25/07/1916 No view
Bateson Frank Edwy 1978 Braidwood Monday, October 11, 1915 RTA No view
Batty George Jospeh 10502 Araluen Thursday, July 8, 1915 RTA No view
Bayly Allan Depot Braidwood Monday, November 8, 1915 NLA No Med Unfit view
Beadman William Kenneth 58872 Braidwood RTA No view
Beatty Walter Cusack 1604 Braidwood 8/08/1915 No Died at Gallipolli view
Begbie Arthur Percival Elphinstone 6771 Braidwood Thursday, May 3, 1917 RTA No view
Belcher John Charles 5343 Braidwood Monday, October 11, 1915 RTA No view
Bell Frank Nugent 2619 Braidwood Tuesday, January 4, 1916 RTA No view
Bell John Henry Edward 2196 Braidwood 5/08/1916 No view
Bell Lila Catherine Nursing Service Braidwood Saturday, September 9, 1916 RTA No view
Berg Martin Walter 1134 Braidwood Thursday, September 2, 1915 RTA No view
Berry Lester 1990 Braidwood Friday, December 1, 1916 RTA No DCM Pg 18 of records for details view
Beuganey Thomas 2869 Araluen Wednesday, November 8, 1916 RTA No view
Black George Scott 488 Braidwood Sunday, January 3, 1915 20/02/1917 No view
Blumer Cecil Herbert Lieutenant Braidwood Wednesday, June 9, 1915 RTA No view
Boatwright James John 7346 Araluen Tuesday, January 12, 1915 RTA No view
Bogan Harold 2808A Braidwood Saturday, June 12, 1915 RTA No view
Bond Andy 4509 Braidwood RTA No Aboriginal, brother to William Bonds who was rejected on grounds on being of insufficent european origin. view
Bonds William Henry N78586 Majors Creek NLA No Discharged, "not of substancial european origin". Was Aboriginal. AKA William Ah Hie. Brother Andy Bond AKA Andy Ah Hie served as well. Mother Ellen Addie Gaddie, father Alick "Jack" Bond. view
Booth Reginald Nathaniel 205 Larbert RTA No view
Bopping Robert Emanuel 7143 Braidwood Thursday, July 8, 1915 RTA No view
Borland William 2553 Braidwood RTA No view
Boswell Reginald William 3020 Braidwood RTA No view
Bowland Gordon George 60412 Braidwood Sunday, January 6, 1918 RTA No view
Boyd William Henry 3916 Braidwood Sunday, January 10, 1915 RTA No view
Brissett James Osborne Alfred 26 Araluen RTA No view
Brissett Albert Norman Depot Braidwood NLA No Med Unfit view
Brown Andrew Francis 1465 Braidwood RTA No view