Service Listing

Surnamesort descending Given Names Service Number POB DOE DOD OnCent Notes Link
Hyland Herbert 6524 Braidwood Sunday, January 9, 1916 RTA No view
Hyland Patrick 6143 Braidwood RTA No view
Innes Henry George 6135 Braidwood 15/04/1917 No view
Irwin Vincent Adrian 2021 Braidwood Saturday, September 2, 1916 RTA No view
Isley Eric Ernest 67190 Braidwood Tuesday, February 5, 1918 RTA No Left on boat and boat was recalled. view
Izzard Charles Francis 2394 Majors Creek Friday, March 5, 1915 RTA No view
Jackson Christopher Jospeh 3857 Braidwood RTA No view
Jackson Lionel George 3506 Majors Creek RTA No view
Jarvis Leslie Thomas 2677 Braidwood RTA No view
Jeffcoat Clifford Longfield 2364 Jembaicumbene RTA No view
Johnson William James Dep Majors Creek NLA No Med Unfit view
Johnson Ernest Roy 3781 Braidwood RTA No view
Jury Roland 1969 Majors Creek RTA No view
Kain Patrick George 3627 Braidwood RTA No view
Kain Clarence 54454 Krawarree RTA No view
Kain Michael John 1338 Braidwood RTA No view
Kearns Frederick John 2431 Braidwood RTA No Died Aug 1921 1.5 years after discharge leaving wife in England and two children view
Kelly Herbert Albert 2929B Mongarlowe 5/05/1917 No view
Kelly George Thomas 1872 Braidwood RTA No view
Kemp Leslie Smith 600 Cowra Monday, May 3, 1915 26/08/1916 No view
Kennedy Bert Aloysius 16303 Reidsdale Sunday, December 10, 1916 RTA No view
Kennedy Patrick Joseph 2196 Braidwood Thursday, February 11, 1915 RTA No view
Kenny Michael James 872 Braidwood RTA No view
Keyte Thomas Edward 1800 Majors Creek RTA No view
Keyte John Henry 2691 Braidwood Friday, January 8, 1915 RTA No view
Keyte Roland 19308 Braidwood Thursday, June 1, 1916 RTA No view
Keyte Robert 3163 Braidwood Friday, March 10, 1916 17/03/1918 No view
Knight Charles Oliver 4174 Araluen 1/03/1917 No view
Knights Charles 130 Araluen RTA No view
Larcombe Ernest 4216A Araluen Sunday, May 9, 1915 RTA No view
Law Albert John 2167 Braidwood RTA No view
Lawler Clitus William 1348 Araluen RTA No view
Lawrence Edward 2366 Braidwood Friday, July 9, 1915 RTA No view
Lee Thomas James 2433 Cooma Friday, November 3, 1916 16/10/1918 No view
Lee Stanley 874 Braidwood RTA No view
Legge Oswald Raymond George 59770 Wog Wog RTA No view
Lennon James 14 Braidwood 11/02/1917 No view
Llewellyn Gwladys Gwynne Sister Braidwood RTA No view
Loydstrom Eric Bransley 2840 Braidwood RTA No view
Loydstrom Gustave Leonard 66236 Araluen RTA No view
Lupton Spencer 3857 Braidwood 18/11/1916 No view
Lynch James Joseph 2700 Braidwood 31/08/1918 No view
Lynn Richard John 249 Araluen RTA No view
MacDonald Cecil Roderick 7510 Braidwood RTA No view
Mackey Nicholas 58603 Krawarree RTA No view
Maddrell Henry Onyx Coghill Capt Braidwood RTA No view
Maitland Alan 7282 Braidwood Thursday, March 1, 1917 RTA No view
Malone John Bede 354 Braidwood RTA No view
Malone Patrick Francis 95771 Braidwood NLA No joined too late view
Malone Henry Silvester 11370 Braidwood RTA No view